The new website owner's guide to properly maintaining a WordPress website

The new website owner’s guide to properly maintaining a WordPress website


Just like vehicles and houses, websites require ongoing maintenance to keep them operating smoothly and up-to-date security measures to keep them safe from intruders.

And also just like vehicles and houses, ignoring these important routine tasks may save a few bucks or minutes now, but will almost certainly turn into huge problems and bills later.

While large companies have IT departments, and small businesses have budgets for services like a Website Care Plan[1], the average sole proprietor or blogger does not.

When the average hourly rate for a (skilled, experienced) WordPress website professional in the U.S. is roughly $100 [2], you don’t want to have to call a professional every week or month.

You want to learn how to carry out the absolute most critical parts of maintenance that are required to keep your site running and safe. That’s where this training comes in.

  • Backups, software updates, spam blocking, security and site-down action plan.

  • 8 self-study modules covering the most important aspects of WordPress website care.

  • Video and text instruction, so you can learn and follow along in your preferred way.

  • BONUS module introduces advanced topics like traffic reports, testing changes in a copy of your website before making them to your live site, and more.

[1] Website Care Plan:
[2] Average hourly rate for U.S. based WP professionals:

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